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New Year's Eve

Listen up, pals, there’s only two days left of this godforsaken year that we call 2021, which means you need to round up your gaggle of gays and start planning for tomorrow’s celebrations. So, with that in mind, let’s cast our minds forward to New Year’s Eve (which is like Halloween…it’s the only other night …

Rainbow House Club 01

Rainbow House Club may be small… but as I’ve learnt many times throughout my life, it’s not always about size, it’s about how you use it. What Rainbow House Club lacks in size, it makes up for in personality, uniqueness, inclusivity, great DJ’s, AMAZING shows and is packed to the balcony (they actually have one) …

Inside Sircuit Bar

Picture this: It’s a Thursday night (or a Friday, or a Saturday, or a…you get the point) and you’re walking down Smith Street in Fitzroy looking for a queer-friendly venue to call home for the night. The good news? Smith Street is home to at least half a dozen queer-friendly bars and clubs. The bad …

Four Pride Flags being flown

A Victorian bill banning LGBTIQ+ conversion therapy will become law after passing through the Upper House at around 10:30pm last night (4/2/2011). The bill, passing 27 votes to nine, makes it illegal to try and change or suppress a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Officially known as the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practises Prohibition …