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What Were The Stonewall Riots?

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New Year's Eve

Listen up, pals, there’s only two days left of this godforsaken year that we call 2021, which means you need to round up your gaggle of gays and start planning for tomorrow’s celebrations. So, with that in mind, let’s cast our minds forward to New Year’s Eve (which is like Halloween…it’s the only other night …

Aysha Buffet Sitting

Rian Difuntorum – fashion stylist, drag entertainer, and self-identifying c*nty queen – is breaking the mould at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week as one of the first (if not THE first) trans woman of colour to walk on a main runway during the week. Now, if you’re looking at this picture of Rian turning looks …

Gay Speed Dating Sydney

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE Let’s be honest boys, Sydney’s lockdown unfortunately isn’t going away anytime soon *screams internally*. And, as we know, lockdown can be tough for us single gays, BUT, luckily your pals at A Modern Gay’s Guide have you covered. On Friday 17th of September at 7.30pm, we’re making the most out of lockdown, …

Mollies 01

Mollie’s Bar & Diner is a gem nestled in the heart of Fitzroy. With friendly and welcoming staff, a lot of space to move and shake, yummy bites to eat, and 5 entire nights of entertainment throughout the week, why wouldn’t you want to head on down to Mollie’s? Whether you’re looking for a place …