Sad Reacts Only: Queer Institution ‘SlyFox’ To Permanently Close

SlyFox Closes Down

Pals, it is indeed a dark day today. Beloved Sydney venue and coveted LGBTI+ safe place ‘SlyFox’, will officially close its doors on January 18th, 2020. In a recent social media announcement (below), SlyFox noted they have fought hard over the last few years to remain open, but unfortunately, it’s now apparent that rules-shmules, council regulations-shmegulations and whingey neighbours-shneighbours have triumphed. Which is of course a massive blow for everyone – especially the LGBTI+ community.

Over the last 30 years, SlyFox has been the late-night ‘go-to’ of Sydney’s Inner West and hearing of its closure makes us feel all kinds of…well…shit. SlyFox always provided more atmosphere, bangers, babes and entertainment than anyone could have ever asked for – you simply couldn’t have a bad time.

Admittedly, I haven’t attended Bird Cage – SlyFox’s weekly gay gal night – in a short while; simply because the Thursday struggles at ye ol’ 9-5pm got too real. But, even though I haven’t attended as often as I’d like, there has always been a great amount of comfort in the knowledge that it was still happening each Wednesday night. Just yesterday, while walking up Sydney’s Enmore road, I bumped into a friend who started the convo with “You going to Bird Cage??” and lesbi-honest, I wasn’t going, but the idea of my young comrades still having a magical lesbian mecca to boogie the night away at, made me smile.

No doubt the majority of our readers will have fond memories of SlyFox, and along with the memories, I am sure we’re also all mostly just grateful. I am grateful to this venue and all the people who kept it running, for creating a place where young queer, and in particular young identifying lesbians, could party away and be themselves, entirely and unapologetically.

Fortunately, there is still time for a last hoorah and we’re 100% on board. Sly Fox is hosting their ‘Last Chance to Dance’ nights on:

  • Friday 10th & Saturday 11th
  • Wednesday 15th – ‘Bird Cage’
  • Friday 17th & Saturday 18th

This venue is and always will remain an icon – get there while you still can. See you there pals!

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