What’s On Sydney // The Love of Gin: Tales Old and New

What's On Sydney - The Love of Gin: Tales Old and New

Okay, so it’s Friday afternoon, you’ve promised your boyfriend/girlfriend/BFF/Tinder date (we’re not judging) a super fun date night and you’re now 200% stressing because you’ve got absolutely nadda planned. Well, lucky for you buddy, your pals at A Modern Gay’s Guide have you covered.

What’s On Sydney // The Love of Gin: Tales Old and NewTonight, tomorrow night, and well every night up until the 15th of January, legendary, iconic and let’s be honest, heaven on earth bar, ‘The Barber Shop’, is hosting a collaborative art exhibition between Bombay Sapphire (AKA one of A Modern Gay’s Guide’s all-time favourite gins) and Cote d’Azur-based British artist, Alan Walsh.

The exhibition celebrates summer and the modern era of gin, and consists of sixteen exclusive pieces of artwork by Walsh, each featuring subtle Bombay Sapphire elements, highlighting the role Bombay Sapphire has played in leading gin into the modern era.

Why is this an ever-fabulous date idea? Let us put it into layman’s terms. Firstly, if you’ve never been to The Barber Shop, well in itself is a great date spot – picture dimmed lighting, cool speakeasy style, secret entrance (literally hidden at the back of a working barbershop) and all-round great vibes. Now pair this with incredible Bombay Sapphire cocktails, and some snazzy artwork to chat about that makes you look cultured AF and in the know for amaze date spots. You’ve just won, you’re beyond welcome. Oh, and did we mention Bombay Sapphire will also be donating proceeds from The Love of Gin: Tales Old and New to Epilepsy Action Australia – a date night for a cause.

See you at the wedding x


What: The Love of Gin: Tales Old and New

Where: The Barber Shop – 
89 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

When: Running until 15th of January

Cost: Nil

Find out more here.

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