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Poof Doof Sydney Opening Night

Yep, the rumours are true – famed Melbourne born nightclub, Poof Doof, has made its way to Sydney, calling Merivale’s ‘Ivy’ home every Saturday night…can we get the biggest of #YahsQweens?!

Launching last Saturday night (23rd of November), the newly born Poof Doof Sydney kicked off with an absolute bang… and in true Gay’s Guide style, we decided to send in two of our writers, undercover poofs if you will, to check it all out and give you the Modern Gay’s Guide to Poof Doof Sydney. Buckle up honeys, you’re in for a wild ride.

Dance Floor - Poof Doof Sydney // Photographer: Markham LaneAs expected, the opening night of the highly anticipated club opening bought in huge crowds. Essentially, if you are a party-going Sydney gay, you were there. From twinks to bears, oldies to youngsters, the dancefloor was crowded with all spectrums of the rainbow.

Originally known as ‘a gay club for gay men’, the launch of Poof Doof Sydney saw the brand undergo a slight brand reposition, taking a more inclusive angle – now being known as ‘a gay club for all’. A move we’re proud of the brand for making – go team!

Embracing that wholly, Poof Doof Sydney went above and beyond to ensure all members of the LGBTI+ community, and our gay allies, felt welcome and accepted. With an enormous rainbow pride flag draped across the ceiling, both rainbow pride and trans pride flags raised above the doorway, and a permanent flamboyant Poof Doof billboard above Merivale’s Ash St lane precinct – the club are actively making the LGBTI+ community more visible across Sydney. Venturing out from the Oxford Street precinct – another move we’re excited to see.

Giant Pride Flag - Poof Doof Sydney // Photographer: Markham LaneThe opening night was as fabulous as expected, and went a little something like this – drinks, drinks, drinks, hot boys, an abundance of drag queens, multiple performances (Sydney based dancer, Logan Dunstan absolutely giving us life with his performance) and far too many slut drops (from our team of course). The crowd was electric, and a great mix, mostly gay guys, though a decent make-up of gay gals also filled the crowd and of course, 1% of the crowd were the token tag-along straight pals (seriously though, we couldn’t do it without guys #MVPs).

How did our undercover writers go? Well, memory was certainly slim the next day…400 vodka soda’s and non-stop dancing until 4am got the team good. Luckily (for their jobs), 90% of the night was drunkenly posted across ours socials, a drunken disaster, turned Modern Gay’s Guide story saver – go Instagram! Oh, and the best part? One of our writers may or may not have woken up next to one of the ‘straight’ tag-alongs – you go Glen Coco!


We love. Getting the Gay’s Guide seal of approval through-and-through, we well and truly endorse the venue, and encourage support from the LGBTI+ community to keep this club absolutely pumping. With the LGBTI+ nightlife scene in Sydney being so same-same for such a long time, we’re so excited to see a new burst of energy hit the scene. You’ll probably catch the Gay’s Guide team there more Saturday’s than not…so feel free to buy us a drink x


Venue: Poof Doof Sydney at the Ivy
Where: 330 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
When: Every Saturday night
Hours: 10:30 pm – 4:30 am
Best time to arrive: 11.30pm (be prepared, the club is popping, so expect to wait in line)
Cover Charge: Tickets can be bought online and start from $25 +BF
Rating: ★★★★★

IMAGERY: Poof Doof Sydney // Photographer: Markham Lane

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