Who Is Faúx Fúr? | Interview with Drag Race Down Under’s Faúx Fúr

Faúx Fúr

“I felt like shit. I’ll be honest with you; right then and there, I felt like shit, because I felt like I let down my whole entire background – my whole culture – you know?” Faúx Fúr tells A Modern Gay’s Guide on being the first queen to sashay away on Season 2 of Drag Race Down Under.

After a controversial debut season, Drag Race Down Under fans were left feeling both underwhelmed and, honestly, apprehensive at the prospect of a potential Season 2.

Fast forward to today, 30 July 2022. If you’re as obsessed with DRDU as us, you’ve just watched as 10 brand new Australian and New Zealand drag queens entered the werkroom to compete for the crown…But this time something feels different.

Could it be the minor face lift the set received? Could it be the pit crew (and their big sausage sizzle)? Or could it be that Ru is actually in the studio this year? Honestly, it’s probably all three. Though what I do think has changed is the energy. I think the dark clouds have lifted and we’re ready for another race around the track.

And during the first leg of the race, it’s Sydney-based Asian-Australian queen Faúx Fúr (@fauxfur_official) who was sadly asked to sashay away. Sharing her initial thoughts on entering the werkroom and seeing her fellow contestants, Faúx Fúr says, “I was like, whoa, this is a strong competition; they really went hard for season two,” with both excitement and admiration in her voice.

“It was tough competition, and to be a part of that made me feel like yes, I was part of a tough competition, too. Like it was great.”

The fierce, fun, and fabulous Faúx Fúr has never been one to shy away from trying something new, constantly pushing her boundaries, even throughout the COVID lockdowns that put a pause on Sydney’s bustling nightlife scene, where she hosted her own IGTV live show (Faúx Mondays).

However, she admits that auditioning for the new season of DRDU wasn’t something wasn’t something she was entertaining, confessing, “I was honestly not gonna audition for S2, and then my friends were like, ‘you’re crazy, right? What’s wrong with you? This is an opportunity. This is like your golden ticket,’ so, three days before the audition closed, I decided to audition.”

The audition process, however, was a long one she says, joking that, “[when] I saw the amount of things I had to do for the audition, I was like, ‘Oh, God shoot me!’”

Nonetheless, she explains, “I managed to do it and got it in like an hour before the deadline, and when I got the call [that I made the cast], I f*cking lost my shit. I think I screamed for a couple hours. I lost my voice, then got a noise complaint. It was like ‘Can you guys keep it down?’ and it was like, midnight, and I was screaming til 3am…like, I was like what the hell?

Faúx Fúr
Faúx Fúr at the Drag Race Down Under Season 2 Premiere

Follwing a mini challenge filled with some not-so-mini sausages, Mama Ru herself announced to the queens that they’d be constructing their own outfits in this season’s first Maxi Challenge.

Explaining the outfit that would find her in the bottom two, Faúx says, “first of all, my outfit was still good. Just on one tiny detail, a black panty. Everything else was cohesive. It was cute. It was glam, you know? Like, I am not bad at designing. I clearly know how to shape things and make it look nice. A black pantie fucked me up! I thought I was going to be at least safe…but little did I know, my ass got sent home. I was gagged.”

Ultimately, Faúx Fúr was asked to perform a LSFYL alongside her sister Spankie Jackzon. She says, however, that she doesn’t think she deserved to be in the bottom two, telling us that “It should’ve been Minnie [Cooper] and Spankie [Jackzon].”

After a thrilling LSFYL to Kylie Minogue’s ‘Get Outta My Way’, it was, of course, Faúx Fúr who was asked to sashay away. Speaking on that heartbreaking moment, she earnestly states, “I felt like shit. I’ll be honest with you; right then and there, I felt like shit, because I felt like I let down my whole entire background – my whole culture – you know? Representing Asia. And then then it just like crashed.”

“I felt like I had all that weight on my shoulders… But then when I think about it, I was like ‘no, I got on the show out of all these other queens. I came in, I represented, and I will be representing more.’”

She says, “It wasn’t my time, but let me tell you, I’ll be back for all stars. That is the goal.”

Adamant that she’s content with how the cards fell, Faúx Fúr explains that while she may not have won the crown, she walked away with rich friendships, and a sense of sisterhood. She also walks away with one lesson, and that’s to, “just enjoy the ride and just go for it. Less stress, more fun.”

For fans who fell in love with this one-of-a-kind drag queen, she says, “there’s gonna be so much more of me, and you guys only got a taste. You’re gonna get it. Trust me!”


MGG: Hottest cast member out of drag?

FF: Yuri [Guaii]

MGG: Hottest cast mate out in drag?

FF: Me.

MGG: Hottest look of the episode?

FF: Me.

MGG: Loudest in the episode?

FF: Me.

MGG: Hottest mess of the episode?

FF: Minnie [Cooper]

MGG: Hottest mess at DRDU’s premiere party?

FF: … Me.

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