All around the world, it has been proven (time and time and time again) that the mental health of queer people is disproportionately poorer than the mental health of our cis-het peers.

Across the board, the LGBTIQ+ community are significantly more likely to have to suffer from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and other poor mental health outcomes and quite simply, it’s not ok, and more needs to be done to combat it.

Euphoria Social – Australia’s first LGBTIQ+ events and party planning brand – know that, and they’re on a mission to do just that.

“How?” you ask.

As an event planning organisation, Euphoria Social (@euphoria_social) aim to use their events and services to raise awareness and promote inclusivity to break down the stigma and prejudices associated with mental health and the LGBTIQ+ community, while raising money to donate to LGBTIQ+ charities.

Euphoria Social Launch

Officially launching in September 2022, Euphoria Social have teamed up with the champions for LGBTIQ+ youth, Minus18; Melbourne/Naarm drag royalty, Ruby Slippers; queer pop/folk/indie singer-songwriter, XYLA; house head and DJ, ACRAIG; and many others to bring us a night of queer fabulousness at Wolfhound on Brunswick (in Fitzroy).

The night is set to be a positive and inclusive one; one that provides the LGBTIQ+ community both with a good time, and the opportunity to support Minus18 and all of the incredible work they do to change the lives of LGBTIQ+ youth in Australia.

Whether you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and/or asexual, or you’re just a fierce brock-ally, join A Modern Gay’s Guide and Euphoria Social on Saturday 17 September as we do our bit for our community. Tickets here.


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