A first date is a lot like ice cream on a hot summer’s day, because when it’s good, you get the feeling of relief, that tingling feeling that makes you savour the moment, and when it’s all done, you’re already waiting in line for seconds. Though, when the flavour you got isn’t what you expected, or doesn’t look like it did its photos, you endure it, and start counting down the moments till it’s over.  Either way, I’m sure end up with mess all over yourself by the end of the night.

There are many things Melbourne has to offer, and for those of us looking for love, or just want to make new connections, Melbourne is a great place to romance a potential love interest.

Heide Sculpture Garden | Bulleen

The Heide Museum of Modern Art’s expansive sculpture garden is a great spot to take a first date. This picturesque date location serves as a great backdrop, as you get to know your potential love interest. This activity is completely free, and if your date starts to bore you, the gardens make great Instagram content! You can also visit the gallery for a modest $20.

Farmer’s Markets | Various Locations

No matter where you are in Melbourne, there’s always a farmer’s market around the corner (take the Fitzroy Mill Markets, for example). Take your date for a stroll through the markets as you grab a juice, a pastry, and get to know your date. If you’re lucky you might even get some hot tips for some recipes, for a future date, or even better, get your date to pick out a meal and head on back to yours for a meal

(Pro Tip: This is also a great way of getting someone else to carry your groceries).

Dandenong’s and Sherbrooke Forest | Dandenong Ranges

Nature walks and chasing waterfalls. The Dandenong Ranges have a lot on offer. Pack a picnic and drive up to the Dandenong Ranges for an afternoon of serenity and nature. Gaze into the eyes of your date, or gaze over Melbourne as you enjoy what the ranges have to offer.

Sunda | Melbourne CBD

If you’re looking to fill your stomach, and pull out all the stops for your date, Sunda is the place you want to woo your date. This world class eatery from chef Khanh Nguyen, takes your tastebuds on a ride through Asia, that includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

Bar Liberty | Fitzroy

For something a lil more chill, grab a drink at bar Liberty. The intimate and relaxed spot pairs wine with one of their simple and perfectly executed dishes, making it a great place to grab a drink as you unwind and get to know someone.

Once you’ve exhausted all five of these fab suggestions, check out our Gay Melbourne Guide for all things LGBTIQ+ in this beautiful city.


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