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RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under

Kita Mean winning Rupaul's drag race

Kita Mean chats about the moment the world stood still, how Drag Race changed her, what she’s splurging her prize money on, and if she’s found love. The 34-year-old who …

Elektra Shock in Advertising Challenge

Elektra Shock talks about why Scarlet Adams isn’t on her friends list, feeling picked on by the other queens… and whether or not she ended up getting Raven’s number The …

Maxi Shield during makeover episode

Maxi talks about her struggles on drag race, the acceptance of drag culture in Australia, playing strategically and more… The number of likeable queens on this season have slowly but …

Anita Wigl'it Sewing

Anita Wigl’it chats about Art Simone’s shock return to the competition, her dry snatch, the mystery surrounding Ru actually being in New Zealand, and more. Auckland queen Anita Wigl’it, known …