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Etcetera Etcetera in Episode Five

Etcetera Etcetera talks about Australia’s toxic gender culture, standing up to Scarlet Adams, her controversial snatch game and more… The elimination order of this season has been absolute *Etcetera voice* PISS! Fan favourites are being taken out one by one, and episode 5 was no exception, with The Glamour Bug Bitch, Etcetera Etcetera making her …

Anita Wigl'it Sewing

Anita Wigl’it chats about Art Simone’s shock return to the competition, her dry snatch, the mystery surrounding Ru actually being in New Zealand, and more. Auckland queen Anita Wigl’it, known for her comedy, her beats and her melody started off Drag Race: Down Under as a front runner, winning audiences over with her kooky personality, …

Art Simone Lip Syncing for her life

Art Simone speaks on the worst day of her life, the fairness of the competition, representing Australian drag and more. One of Australia’s biggest drag exports and Melbournian, Art Simone, has risen to the forefront of Australian drag over the last few years. Starting her career over a decade ago, Art Simone has blazed a …

Hannah Gadsby eating ice cream with wife

Hannah Gadsby – one of Australia’s favourite lesbian comedians – has warmed our gay hearts by revealing she secretly tied the knot earlier this year and thanked the country for voting yes to same-sex marriage. Hannah Gadsby, who hit the big time with her stand-up shows ‘Nanette’ and ‘Douglas’, introduced the world to her partner, …