Don’t freak out…but what if we told you that there is a brand-spanking new Australian TV drama-series that touches on real issues like race, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and does so in both a genuine and authentic way?

Doubt it”, we hear you all begrudgingly mumble under your breath…and being honest, we completely get that sentiment given how many times we’ve all been burned in the past by other TV shows claiming to do just that, though instead failing nothing short of a disappointing bin-fire.

Well buckle up babes, because this time, it’s different!

Introducing ‘More Than This’, a mainstream Australian TV show produced by Paramount+ that discusses those three subjects and many, many more.

Set in an Australian high school, ‘More Than This’ tells the raw story of five 17-year-old students and their teacher, whose worlds collide when they are thrown together into a Year 12 English class.

During its six binge-worthy episodes, the feelings and emotions being displayed on screen are deeply relatable, something that co-creators Olivia Deeble and Luka Gracie made sure of. In fact, they even went to the trouble of interviewing a host of other teenagers about their high school experiences to ensure they were producing an authentic and genuine representation of teen life in Australia.

What’s more, is that ‘More Than This’ boasts the first non-binary character (created and played by a non-binary person) on mainstream Australian TV, meaning that this is one of the first times that queer audiences are seeing themselves authentically represented, in a genuinely progressive way.

Written by teens for teens, ‘More Than This’ is an emotional rollercoaster, but one that you won’t want to get off.

‘More Than This’ is a Baby Banksia production, produced in association with Big Finish Creative, Shapeshifter Studios and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, and it is available to stream right now exclusively on Paramount+.


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