SPOTLIGHT // How Club Fave POOF DOOF Still Manages to Slay in ‘Rona Times


My oh my, it’s certainly a different world we live in, to that of six months ago. While we’re now starting to slowly see the ease of ‘rona restrictions around the country, we thought we’d take a second to look back at the last couple of months, and shine a spotlight on a brand close to our hearts, who’s managed to pioneer through this low-key painful af period and make our days (or more aptly, Saturday nights) that little bit brighter.

Now roughly three months on since Coronavirus managed to ruin almost everything amaze in our lives, miss ‘rona is still up to her old tricks and unfortunately, still running havick around the globe. First it was toilet paper shortages, then handshakes, to hugging our pals, and then, almost overnight, it was bottomless bunches and wild nights out who both next fell casualty to corona’. A blow arguably felt most by the party-obsessed LGBTI+ community (with the Modern Gay’s Guide team certainly included in that demographic!).

Although many brands and businesses were forced to close, thus slipping quietly into the darkness, one of our favourite brands did the opposite, instead turning up the heat entirely, and being there for the LGBTI+ community, when we needed party most. That brand? Melbourne and Sydney based nightclub POOF DOOF.

Although forced to do what was best to stop the spread of COVID-19 and close it’s physical doors, the club chose innovation over defeat, and is a decision we’re all grateful for. After an incredibly quick venue renovation, the brilliant minds behind the club created ‘POOF DOOF DIRECT’. Poof Doof Direct does just as it states, brings the vibe, atmosphere and arguably most importantly, the bangers, direct to your living room, all via Facebook Live, each and every Saturday night at 9pm (AEST).

From world-class DJ sets to unbeatable Drag performances, giveaways and even crowd participation via social media – POOF DOOF DIRECT really is giving it their all and in turn keeping LGBTI+ culture alive and the community connected, all while it’s needed most.

The best news of all, POOF DOOF DIRECT is 100% free, funding the activity off their own back with a little help from some incredible show sponsors such as Red Bull. It’s because of their incredible efforts and commitment to the LGBTI+ community that we thought POOF DOOF deserved a spotlight feature here on A Modern Gay’s Guide, though more importantly, why we’ll continue to support well and truly after COVID-19 passes, and we hope you all do, too.

Until we can dance in real life again, happy virtual doofing!


When: Live every Saturday night at 9pm
Where: Facebook Twtich
Price: Free
What: A live club stream from Sydney and Melbourne based LGBTI+ nightclub POOF DOOF.

Imagery: Story Photo by Erik Mclean

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