What’s On | New Range of Vege Burgs by Grill’d

The Heston Fable Burger on a Black Background

Let’s be honest, this second half of 2021 has not been cute. Lockdowns have yet again disrupted our brunch plans and, folks, we need a win. Funnily enough, Grill’d have collab’d with Heston Blumenthal to swoop in and provide us with just that with their new range of incredibly yummy vege burgers.

Grill’d have partnered with THE Heston Blumenthal – the one who has that weird and wonderful scientific approach to cooking that we all know and love – to create a range of weird and wonderful burgers that could, imo, be served right up in a Michelin star restaurant. I said what I said.

For the new Fable range, the King of gastronomy has created a flavourful Fable Spicy Cheeseburger available on the menu nationally and a limited edition off-menu Heston Fable Burger available at select restaurants.

Inspired by Peking duck pancakes, the exclusive Heston Fable Burger is an evolution of what’s on the menu at the celebrity chef’s very own restaurant, The Perfectionists’ Café in London, and will be the first time one of Heston Blumenthal’s burgers will be served outside his restaurants.

BUT there’s a catch (or two) – the Heston Fable Burgers are limited to only 4,000 burgers available across Australia AND they’re only available at select restaurants. Talk about exclusive. So, obvs, you’ll have to book to experience these insanely creative burgers (which you can do here).

Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that the Heston Fable Burger experience includes being served with Heston’s signature gastronomic flair, and delivered to the table under a smoke-filled cloche with silver service touches.

For those of you not in lockdown, seatings commence from Sunday 8th of August, and run through til Sunday 22nd of August. Those of you lucky enough to be caught in Sydney or Melbourne’s lockdown, however, can head to that same link to register your interest online to enjoy the Heston Fable Burger experience when dine-in restrictions are eased. How thoughtful.

three Fable burgers on a tableBut if all the smoke and guns isn’t your thing or if you’re not one of the lucky ones to secure a Heston Fable Burger experience, worry not, because the Fable range includes three other on-menu burgers available for customers, delivery and takeaway across Australia (including the Fable Spicy Cheeseburger, the Fable Truffle, and the Fable Southern BBQ).

So, what are you waiting for – bookings and more info are available right at your fingertips (and by that I mean right here).

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