A Modern Gay’s Guide to Last-Minute Gift Giving

Ho, ho, ho-ly heck – it’s Christmas time queens, and you know what that means! Yep, it’s time to absolutely sleigh in the Christmas gift department…which usually includes a mental breakdown in a Westfield shopping Centre…but not this year!

Luckily your gay BFFs here at A Modern Gay’s Guide have you absolutely covered with our top picks for Christmas 2021 for that special someone.


Our Last Minute Big Gay Chrissy Gift Package will see your loveable queer and/or ally pal receive a fresh issue of A Modern Gay’s Guide delivered hot off the printing press and straight to your loved one’s door (anywhere in Australia), each month for 12 months – fab, right?!

Not only will you be getting your camp cousin, bisexual babe and/or fabulous fiancée the campest gift around town, you’ll also be supporting local LGBTIQ+ Australian owned & operated business, directly helping us to spread LGBTIQ+ culture to remote and rural areas of Australia where gay culture often otherwise doesn’t exist, not to mention helping to give Australia’s queer community a media voice and helping to keep LGBTIQ+ visibility high year-round….look at you, ya’ big LGBTIQ+ legend!

FITBIT (@fitbit)

At this stage, lockdown is but a distant (yet traumatising) memory. And if your gift-recipient is anything like me, after being stuck at home for what feels like an eternity, they’re not in the best of shape. Fear not, because Fit Bit have you covered. Not only does a Fit Bit provide you with a complete view of your health, they also have products for kids and adults, in traditionally masculine and feminine colours, and at almost all price points. Seriously, if you’re working on your fitness, they’re your witness.

drip (@dripfeed.life)

Let me introduce you to the newest LGBTIQ+ owned, Australian-based sex and intimacy brand, ‘drip’. With the goal of improving people’s lives through frictionless experiences of sex and intimacy, drip’s small but thoughtful selection of intimate products is perfect for that special someone. Whether it’s a one-night hook-up or a long-term lover, drip’s products (which include both water- and oil-based lubes, breath spray and toy cleaner) are made to “reduce the friction” so commonly associated with sex and to ensure everyone has access to the pleasure everyone deserves.

OVIRA (@ovira)

Ovira is the perfect gift to give a friend who has less-than-pleasant periods. Using a device they’ve named ‘Noha’, Ovira uses science to provide everyone with a uterus instant, drug-free period pain relief. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Noha, as the device is called, is small enough to wear anywhere, which means that you can wear it at work, at the gym, to Christmas dinner, or just curled up in bed with a cup of tea. And, its super easy to use – you just stick it on, switch it on, and lay back and relax. Plus, if this is like SUPER last minute, you don’t even need to buy the actual product – just head to their website and buy your loved one a digital gift card.

SCANDALOUS CANDLES (@scandalouscandles)

Scandalous Candles are FUN…and maybe not something you should bring to family Christmas. But if you do, you absolutely have to record the entire thing and tag us on Instagram. Them’s the rules. Anyway, back to the point – unlike many of my hook-ups, Scandalous Candles offer consistently good D. And they come dressed in Christmas-themed costumes (like Naughty Santa, Horny Rein-D-eer, and the Grinch), which makes the entire thing all that more entertaining. Plus they’re homemade on the Gold Coast using the highest quality, non-toxic 100% Soy Blend Wax alongside natural lead-free cotton wicks. Oh and, if you WERE to be shopping for grandma, they also offer PG candles, which are just as cute and smell just as sweet.


I’m honestly trying so hard to reserve judgement right now, but if you (or your loved ones) don’t appreciate a ticket to a live event then we may need to have a word. For our Sydney-based pals, how does a gay event at a gay venue on a gay street sound? Great – then we’d recommend the hilarious ‘Kweens Of Comedy’ which includes stand-up, clowning, sketch, improv, drag, and much much more. For our Melbourne-based friends, ‘Midsumma’ tix are a no-brainer, because at Midsumma there is quite literally something for everyone in the community, from comedy nights, to theatre performances, panel discussions, and everything in between. Finally, for our friends based regionally, we could not recommend Art Simone & Etcetera Etcetera’s ‘As Seen On TV’ tour, which is coming to nineteen different regional venues all around Australia.

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