Easy ways to go eco-friendly…and look cute doing it!

Gay Eco Friendly Ideas

Let’s talk sustainability. Sustainability, and well the environment in general are low-key at the moment a hotter topic than Britney Spears circa her 2007 breakdown. We’re modern gays, so naturally we’re 100% on the whole ‘save the planet’ bandwagon…but at the same time, being a team of vain gays, we’re also not really wanting to sacrifice style or comfort. So, we thought we’d be the ultimate sustainable cool-mum, and dish out some easy ways to help do your bit for the planet, and also look cute doing it. You’re welcome.

So if you want to save the environment and look bangin’ doing it, then keep on reading, my eco-conscious friends! 

Get with the program, and grab yourself an adorable frank green Reusable Cup

So, it’s not exactly a red-hot secret that takeaway coffee cups = terrible for the environment. It’s also pretty common knowledge that 2019 has well and truly been the year of the reusable coffee cup, and with that has been the influx of keep cups, eco-cups, reusable cups, bio-cups, and just above everything in-between.

So, with so much variety suddenly hitting the market, and your reusable cup choice quickly becoming the main determinate when looking at where you sit in the office hierarchy, how do you chose the perf reusable cup? Well, we’re glad you asked! The team at frank green have actually made this decision pretty damn easy with their unwavering commitment to waste prevention and impeccable design. Recently released by the frank green team is the ‘ultimate ceramic, reusable cup’. Boasting a revolutionary ceramic flavour-saving inner layer, the reusable cup has the taste benefit of ceramic cups and thermoses with the lightness and durability of stainless steel (outer), so unlike your dreams, it won’t shatter. The best part? Well frank green allows you to completely customise the entire cup, from matte green bases, to peach lids, baby blue buttons and even personalised engravings – it’s an earth saving cup, that really is as cute as you.
Want to go one step further in your eco-friendly coffee run? Well the frank team have also recently introduced a reusable carry tray, which even features contactless payments – the future right?! The trays fit almost all shapes and sizes and are made from recycled Polypropylene material left over from frank green’s manufacturing, completely eliminating the need for single use plastic and cardboard trays. The tray makes your coffee run a breeze while promoting a sustainable culture – you go glenn cocoo!

Sustainable Furniture - Koala 2 seater - A Modern Gay's Guide

Style your pad sustainably with Koala

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – ‘Koala…as in the mattress guys?’ Well, yes, that’s exactly who we’re talking about, but fun fact, those so called ‘mattress guys’ are so much more than that. Boasting an incredible range of eco-friendly and sustainable furniture and homewares, Koala truly are second to none in the sustainably stylish furnishings department.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Koala brand, they’re most known for their award winning, Canstar awarded 5-star mattresses. The brand prides themselves on sustainably created, superior comfort, seemingly world-famous mattresses, all packed up and delivered within 4 hours. Making the brand so much more than just mattresses, the Koala range has diversified, to now also cover all of your sustainable pillow and sheet needs, whilst also starting to take the living room world by storm. Less well-known, though Koala also have a range of two and three seat, sustainably created, sofas. The gorgeous sofas not only look the bomb.com, but also include an adorable turtle plush toy, symbolic of the real turtle adoption made with the purchase of every Koala Sofa – can we get a ‘nawwww’.
Whether you go mattress or sofa, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve invested in the very best of sustainable furniture. Koala pride themselves on the fact that their furniture is completely recyclable, and that all materials used are from sustainable sources, including the timber which has FSC certification. What’s more, none of Koala’s range contain heavy metals, fire-retardant chemicals, phthalates, formaldehyde, AZO dyes, ozone-deplete substances, CFC’s, and create almost zero emissions in the production process. We know what about 3 of those things are, but thankfully Koala knows them all, and more importantly, they know that they’re environmental no-no’s, which is why they wouldn’t be caught dead with them (a bit like us gays and a pair of Crocs).
Find out more on Koala’s sustainability stance and their commitment to give at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities, here.

sustainable skincare - ways to save the environment

Get serious about an eco-conscious skincare regime with Naturally Serious

Okay, this one’s for our beautiful, skin care conscious pals. We know what you’re thinking, ‘Do skincare creams really have an impact on the environment?’ – well honeys, yes, yes they do. Depending on ingredients, sourcing and development, beauty creams can be terrible for the environment, and because they’re (for the most part) used daily by essentially everyone, they actually make a pretty big impact in the grand scheme. So beauty pals, it’s time to meet Naturally Serious. Naturally Serious have a simple, straightforward skincare philosophy that they live by – Clean. Natural. Serious. Believing that life’s too short for BS, Naturally Serious have a razor sharp focus on pure, powerful results, while making zero compromises on their environmental and ethical principles.

All of their products are cleanly and ethically developed from formula to packaging, boasting recyclable packaging and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cartons manufactured with wind power in a carbon neutral facility. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint through these measures, continuing product innovation, ensuring that they leave the world better than the way they found it. What’s more Naturally Serious is cruelty free and 100% vegan/vegetarian and the icing on the cake – none of their products contain gluten.So if you’re looking to glow up, then grow up and ditch your environmental no-no regime and go eco-friendly next time you go to wack on that #SelfLove face mask!

Sustainable Bags - A Modern Gay's Guide

Sort your sustainable bag game with Crumpler

Forget hags, let’s talk bags. Tote bags, hand bags, backpacks, mesh bags, we get it – there’s a stack of them, they’re always a much needed accessory, and one that will in some shape or form, forever be in season. Pretty hot topic in the whole ‘ We need to save the planet!’ argument is textile wastage. We’re not at all denying it – though it’s a concept which is seemingly only being pointed at the clothing industry, completely bypassing the textile accessory industry, who are keeping pretty quiet on the topic. A brand that’s doing the polar opposite is Australian bag brand, Crumpler. The team at Crumpler have worked hard to create the the perfect bag solution for the sustainability-conscious, aptly named the ‘Conversion’ range.

The eco-friendly Conversion collection allows the Crumpler brand to create less waste, as it uses polyester scrap and off-cuts to create the bags, offering a more conscious carrying solution for gay’s (can confirm, does also work with straight people too) on the go. The all-new Conversion range features stylish, sleek and functional designs, and includes everything from backpacks, to messenger bags, cross-body bags and accessories. If you’re looking for a sustainable, anti-waste, super cute bag, you’re looking for Crumpler.

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