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Koala Couch Review - A Modern Gay's Guide

Every now and then we take a second to highlight a brand that is absolutely doing thangs for us. If you’ve read the headline, you’ve probably already guessed who’s in the Gay’s Guide hot-seat this time…yep, it’s Aussie furniture brand, Koala.

‘Koala…like the mattress dudes?’…yes again pal (you’re doing well so far – keep it up!). They’ve gained the Gay’s Guide seal of approval and we’re here to tell you why. We’re not going to harp on with the ad spiel about how they have Australia’s highest rated mattresses, or how you can build one of their couches in under five minutes (even though both of those facts are 100% #ShamelessPlug), we’re instead giving you our top five reasons why Koala as a brand, have earned the Gay’s Guide seal of approval.

Koala Team - A Modern Gay's Guide

1. Inclusion & Diversity: Proudly supporting koala-queens, bears and more!

When it comes to inclusion and diversity, Koala leads by example. From their founders down to their front-line staff, the Koala-qween team are supporting the LGBTI+ community through and through. Encouraging diversity across all aspects of their business, Koala aren’t just advocates for us gays. The Koala-qweens are pretty vocal in their aim to eliminate unconscious bias in their hiring, support vulnerable minority groups through their charity arms, and genuinely aim to leave the world in a better place than how they found it. If you’re not already sold, then wow – shooketh.

Koala 2 seater // A Modern Gay's Guide

2. Sustainability: Keeping your hard wood sustainable…

Sustainability is a topic as hot right now as denim mini-shorts were in 2004…except unlike that fashion disaster, global warming isn’t going to just disappear. That’s why the team at Koala have avoided the eco no-nos, quite literally, like they’re hot.

Koala pride themselves on the fact that they care that the materials they use are both good for you, and more importantly, good for the environment. Making sure their mattresses are made with GECA certified foam, no heavy metals, phthalates or ozone-depleting substances like methylene chloride, the Koala dream-team really are doing their part for ol’ mother earth! What’s more, on the rarity that someone finishes their 120-nigh trial and chooses to return it, the product’s properly cleaned, and either donated to one of their 35 charity partners across Australia, or if a little too banged up for donation, is taken apart for recycling – go team!

Find out more on Koala’s sustainability stance and their commitment to give at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities, here.

Koala Review - A Modern Gay's Guide

3. Quick and Easy…just like most of us.

Okay, so you’ve previously bought some furniture online, you’ve spent roughly 400 hours trying to build it, you’ve had a near mental breakdown, you’ve thought ‘never again!’ and you’ve given up. Well guess what, unlike the drop-kick ex-boyfriend that you’ve given a second chance, this time, it actually is different.

Koala are the furniture brand that puts all of your ex-furniture brands to shame. It’s easy, it’s reliable, and unlike any man in our team’s lives, is guaranteed to stick around for at least five years. From bed bases to 3-seater couches, you’re dealing with simplistic, easy to follow instructions, single person, no tool required (so dump him Karen!) build-able furniture!

What’s more, Koala will never leave you on read. With your order 100% trackable throughout the entire delivery process, and your order guaranteed to be received within four hours of ordering in metro areas, Koala is guaranteed to be the one that will treat you right.

Adopt_and_Animal Koala Policy - A Modern Gay's Guide

4. Adopt an Animal…and stop acting like one x

It’s a simple concept – buy a couch, adopt a turtle, buy a mattress, and adopt a Koala.

It’s no secret that Australian koalas and turtles could use a little help at the second, between bushfires, coral bleaching and well global warming in general, they’re doing it tough. That’s why the truly koala-ty team behind the Koala brand are helping you do your bit for the cute lil’ creatures! With every couch and/or mattress that gets purchased, the Koala team adopt a real life turtle and even give you the WWF certificate to prove it! Is that not just the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard? You get a gorgeous piece of furniture, and an in-need Aussie animal gets an adoption – aren’t you just the comfiest St. Teresa that ever did exist!

Koala Couch Review - A Modern Gay's Guide

5. Simplistic & Stylish…but never pretentious.

Well look, a picture tells a thousand words, so scroll on back up and look how ‘you-beaut’ their products are. With a classic silhouette, wide armrests and Scandinavian inspired timber feet, the Koala couches really are a timeless design that look a million bucks, but thankfully don’t cost it. Equal parts simplistic and stylish – we’re in love.

Well pals, there you have it, five of our top reasons for giving the team of Koala-qweens the seal of Modern Gay’s Guide of approval. Now, what are you waiting for, get yourself some top-tier, LGBTI+ friendly, sustain ably simplistic, wildlife warrior furniture today with your 120-night trial!

Hit the go button, and check out their entire range here!

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