Ahoy, land lovers! Just kidding – we’re not talking that kind of cruising…more ‘park lovers’ if you catch our drift.

Yep, we’re talking all things gay cruising – what it is, where it’s from and how to get involved (if that’s your thing, of course). We’re talking gay cruising because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit of out-there sex chat, right? 

Now before you make any snap assumptions, or instantly let any prejudice get the better of you, just remember that it’s 2023 and kink shaming is low-key gronk – everyone’s got their thing. If you’re all adults and you’re all consenting, then get your rocks off any which way you want – honestly, you do you, darl. We’ll support it.

Gay cruising, for those not in the know (…or pretending to not be), is the act of looking for sexual partners at a ‘beat’ (think discreet parks, unofficial nude beaches and even the odd public toilet). The term ‘cruising’ originally emerged as a code word in the closeted gay community, so those “in the know” could discuss the topic openly without the fear of facing homophobic harm. Since then the term cruising has actually been absorbed into the mainstream heterosexual vocabulary, often used by straight men ‘cruising for chicks at the bar’…honestly, don’t the straights just want to be us??

The earliest records that depict gay cruising, date back to the early 1600’s…but honey, you can bet your bottom dollar that the gays have been secretly hooking up since the BC era. Honestly, have we not all seen how ripped Jesus was? As if the closeted Bethlehem boys back then were not crushing HARD.

For some, gay cruising is a fetish, the rush of hooking up with a stranger in the night. For others who are closeted, it’s their only way to express their sexuality, and in some overseas countries, it’s the only way to get around dated laws (we’re looking at you Brunei…).

Whatever your reason, if you’re going to try it out, you’re going to want to do it right. So, we’ve teamed up with Squirt.org to give you a couple of top cruising tips – you’re welcome.

Haven’t heard of Squirt.org before? Let’s give you the quick run-down. Squirt.org is the OG gay cruising platform, but in recent years has become so much more than that. It’s an online platform where guys meet other guys for sex, cruising, hook-ups, dating, fun and friendship (#wholesome). The website’s content is contributed entirely by the members who use it, so you know that tea is fresh hot. It’s a pro-sex platform, that’s there for getting down and dirty, both IRL, and also online.

A quick COVID-19 disclaimer – you may be a lil’ thirsty for that sensual touch (*insert Kath-Day Knight voice* You’re only ‘uuuuu-man!), but we’ve had a bloody pandemic, so don’t be doing the dirty unless it’s safe to do so in your local area!


Darl, there’s nothing worse than having all the go, but not knowing where to go. So, make sure you do your research to find the best spots in town. Not sure where to start? Squirt.org have you covered, with a live list of local spots…see ya’ there sis’.


So, just because you’ve spotted your handsome hook up, doesn’t mean it’s time to go full balls to the walls. It may be a false alarm, could be a genuine late-night walker, so make sure, that you’re sure. Really sure. Make a subtle move, wait for them to reciprocate, then slowly go for it. If you’re unsure, it’s a no -go hun. When you know, you go!


Everyone loves a bit of spontaneity, but it pays to plan. Use a platform (did someone say Squirt.org ??) to organise your cruise. Nothing worse than no one to meet when you’re at the beat. 


Going anywhere alone has a degree of risk associated, add in late nights or discreet locations and you’re going to want to make sure you’re staying safe. So, make sure someone knows where you are and when you’re home (nothing like a ‘late night jog’, am I right boys??), make sure you know your surroundings, and make sure you’re not putting yourself in any compromising situations…safety wise.




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