Remember the days when the only people truly interested in cosmetics were your high-maintenance older-sister, your ever-drunk Great Aunt June, or the goth kids that used to smoke on the back of the school oval? God, what a world ago and how times have changed – the goth kids are now running multi-billion dollar start up companies, your high-maintenance sister is now one of your best friends, Aunt June is now the only reason you can make it through Christmas without causing a scene and everyone, we repeat everyone, is on the cosmetics train (yup, that means you too, boys!).

Presumably owed to miss ‘rona, we’ve seen interest in men’s grooming and cosmetics products skyrocket, as us guys fight the constant struggle to look good on zoom, and many of us even turning our usual commute time in to our daily grooming regime instead (side note – how good is not commuting to work…the actual dream!).

For a lot of us guys, the segway in to cosmetics, or more bluntly, men’s make up, is certainly new, and very much unknown territory. Sure, we’ve all dabbled in the fake tans for Mardi Gras, or donned the dry shampoo before a quick Grindr meet-up, but make-up? We honestly don’t even know her. So for the boys like me, this series is for you, oh, and it’s worth noting that I reached out to the experts to back this article, as before this, I had NO idea.

So What Actually Is Concealer?

Subtle and simple to use, concealer is the perfect segway into men’s fusion cosmetics. A concealer (or colour corrector) is a cosmetic used to mask imperfections or discolour, including dark circles, age spots, large pores and other small blemishes on the skin.
Concealer is used only where necessary, and requires no tools or other products when applying to skin – subtly concealing any imperfections where needed, without a full layer of product or coverage.


The short answer, us guys are unfortunately more prone to breakouts…rude right?! Our skin also isn’t doing us any favours, with the genetic makeup of our skin being naturally oiler in comparison to the gals. To add to this, and surely not groundbreaking, guys tend to have bigger pores, which means more space for dirt.

And to really add insult to injury, men genetically have darker under eye circles…so to summarise, guys, we’re not as hot as we may have previously thought.


Luckily there are a number of brands that are producing concealers carefully curated for men’s skin.

Our pick: The Gay’s Guide team recently gave the Tony & Munro’s Correcting Concealer a red hot go, and we were certainly not disappointed. The Tony & Munro concealer corrects red undertones, evens out dark circles under your eyes and drys completely matte. In layman’s terms, this concealer was an 11/10, drying completely matte, which ensured that faces were not left shinny or oil-y looking, and it’s light formula meant that it wasn’t at heavy. It hid our blemishes and left us feeling like we weren’t wearing anything at all..

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