6 Quick Ways to Look Better for Summer | Last Minute Summer Hacks

Man, oh man, summer has well and truly rolled around. If you’re anything like us and missed the whole ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ memo, then you’re going to want to keep reading. We’re going full vain with this one. We know that looks definitely aren’t everything, but buddy oh boy, if you’re anything like us and low-key lack in the looks department, then you’re probably looking for any quick-fix tips that can help you get ahead!

We’re giving you more than just ‘join a gym’ and dropping six of our fave, and most importantly, practical ‘quick-fixes’, helping you to look just a little hotter this summer! 

1. You gotta sweat it, to shed it…

I know, I know, you’re all like “you said you’d go deeper than ‘join a gym’!”, and we will, but first we need to get this one out of the way. We also 100% understand that the gym is the devil’s work, but hey, if Fergie can be up in the gym working on her fitness, then so can you buddy. Seriously though, if you want a hot body (and/or a Maserati), you unfortunately do have to work bi**h. There is a silver lining however, the gym world’s evolving and they get that no one likes long, antisocial and downright awkward gym sessions. These days, there are a stack of gyms offering high intensity, super social classes that don’t take anymore than three quarters of an hour or so. Getting you results faster than you’ll be able to count all the new pals you’re making!

Our recommendation: We gave Orange Theory Fitness (Mosman) a red-hot go and we have to say, for a group of humans that hate exercise more than almost anything, we genuinely got around it. If you’re after science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workouts, then we’d definitely give them a go – you can even try your first workout for free!

2. Get teeth so white they can’t dance…

It’s no secret that a set of pearly whites, as apposed to a set of pearly yellows is going to make you instantly 2000% hotter (yep, this is a scientific fact), so honestly what are you waiting for. Gone are the days of teeth whitening costing a bajilion dollars (it’s a number, look it up). Between teeth whitening tooth pastes, ultraviolet light devices and a stack of other affordable options, it really is a breeze to get the ol’ chompers in order.

Our recommendation: We gave Oral B’s 3D White Luxe Advance Seal Whitening Treatments a crack, and let me tell ya’, we recommend a lot on this site, but this recommendation is the realest. Costing only around thirty bucks, the results were already clearly proving true after just a couple of days. If you take one recommendation away from us, make it this!

3. Sort yo shades out

It’s 2019, so if you are still rocking 2004 speed dealer sunnies, it’s time to check yourself, because unfortunately, you’ve already wrecked yourself. A little real talk for a second, in case you haven’t noticed, sunglasses take up about a third of your face, meaning that a third of how on point you are looking, comes down to your choice of eyewear. Just like slim shady once said, “you only got one shot, one opportunity, one chance”, so make your eyewear count guys!

Our recommendation: The team at Vision Direct have you covered with free shipping, a 24-month warranty and 100-day returns, so if you’re looking for new shades to get you looking on point, a cheeky pair of RayBans from Vision Direct is a serious no brainer.

4. Refresh them threads boi

Okay, so you may of been wearing your granddad’s coat, and you may have looked incredible in 2012, but you and I both know that the times have changed and it’s now time for wardrobe refresh. Seasons come, seasons go, and Summer 2019 is the not the time to be looking average AF in your faded, stretched and outdated clothes. It’s time to treat yo’ self and head on out to the mall and grab yourself something nice – I don’t know you, but honey, you deserve it!

Our recommendation: HM are absolutely killing it in the men’s wear department at the second – if low-cost, high-street style is your vibe, then HM is an absolute mood.

5. Get that skin sorted!

Let’s face it – gronk skin is gronk. Pasty (skin) can in fact be tasty, but first you need to get that skin sorted. We’re talking rejuvenation of that dry skin, cleaning out those dirty pores, and for the love of all things holy, moisturise that skin! Get that skin care routine back on track in 2019 and we promise you’ll be looking muchos cuter before you know it!

Our recommendation: Formula 10.0.6 is god’s gift to skincare. Literally their entire range is the bee’s knees. Do yourself a red-hot favour and try literally anything from the Formula 10.0.6 range and you won’t regret. Picking our crème de la crème, our absolute top pick, we’d say grab the ‘Absolute Dream Clean Creamy Foaming Cleanser’, we’re not being dramatic, but it’s like washing your face with liquid gold.



6. Get that good stank

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, because we’re about to drop a little science on ya’. Apparently, when the human brain is determining attraction levels in another person, up to 25% of that decision subconsciously comes down to their scent. So if you’re not well and truly on board that cologne (/perfume) train, you are not doing yourself ANY favours.

Our recommendation: Boss (the Scent) by Hugo Boss is an oldy but definitely a goldy. Pro Tip: Your pals at Chemist Warehouse have your back when it comes to discount fragrances, so do yourself a favour and check there first to save those dollary-doos!

Well there you have it folks. Six quick-fix ways to look better for Summer. Remember pals, beauty is on the inside and all men are pigs anyway, so don’t stress over how you look too much x

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