SHOW REVIEW: Fuck Fabulous is fuckin’ fabulous

Fuck Faboules_Mardi Gras_19-2-20_Yaya Stempler-1830

It’s no mean feat to get people laughing, gasping, chanting, a tiny bit turned on (ok maybe a lot) AND celebrating everything queer in less than two hours.

But the fierce new production of Fuck Fabulous does all that and them some, so cancel your weekend plans now or regret it forever.

Fuck Faboules_Mardi Gras_19-2-20_Yaya Stempler-1311The very fresh, very queer show is part of the jam-packed Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras program and really needs to be seen to be believed. Trust us on this one.

It begins with your host, ‘queer, fat, femme cabaret icon’ Yana Alana putting an important question out into the universe: “What is fabulous?”

Yana ponders if someone can be fabulous regardless of how they dress, speak or act.  If they leave the party at 11.30pm or god forbid, don’t go at all, are they still fabulous? But ultimately she decides whatever ‘fabulous’ is, it can get fucked.

What follows is a wild ride. It’s messy, anti-mainstream and raises a glass to the diverse. And just as you think you know what direction the show is taking, it changes.

One moment you are in awe of spectacular aerial contortionists hanging from the ceiling, the next you are learning why transgender comedian Krishna Istha is sick to death of having to explain everything from who he is, to how gender neutral toilets work.

Then the gears change again and you are speechless as dance duo Glitter and Snatch perform in perfect unison with light-up nipples, but wait now you’re watching the cast in line at Centrelink and thinking about how fucked social welfare is in this country.

True to its tagline, this variety show really is part party, part protest.

But the crème de la crème is easily when Yana impersonates ScoMo with her bare bum. Yes, it’s amazing and damn accurate. Shout out to the ‘Liberal Farty’.

By the end of the show you will have seen more naked bodies than your bedroom ever will but also be inspired to stand up to everything from rape to climate change.

Spoiler alert – you will watch on in disbelief or maybe admiration (?) as one of the feisty performers drinks a glass of bodily fluid –  we’ll leave you to find out which one.

This show is for everyone who has ever felt like they don’t fit society’s idea of gay, feminine or masculine. Fuck those stereotypes, and fuck fabulous.


When: Runs from the 19th to the 23rd of February

Where: The Seymour Centre, Chippendale, Sydney

Prices: $43 for concession, $49 in full

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