ICYMI: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Launches ‘Savage Apple’…and celebrated with a WILD party!

Review - Sailor Jerry Savage Apple Flames

In case you missed it, Sailor Jerry, the smooth-as-hell spiced rum, this week launched their first spirit innovation in almost two decades…and celebrated by throwing one of the most hard-core parties that this gaggle of gays has ever seen.

Invited surely accidentally, the Modern Gay’s Guide team sent in a couple of writers to check it all out…and boy were they under-prepared for the party that was about to go down.

Celebrating the launch of Sailor Jerry Savage Apple – a bold, in-your-face flavour of fresh, lively apple added to the well-known flavours of vanilla and cinnamon in the OG Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum – the brand launched the spirit with an absolute bang.

On arrival, our not-so-undercover gays were welcomed with a shot of the fresh new spirit. To our disbelief there was no gag factor – a delicious surprise that us gays are rarely privy to.

Review - Sailor Jerry Savage AppleWild vibes ran through the entire venue, most evidently seen at the bar when the bartender literally started breathing fire across the counter…casual right? After a fearful few minutes from our not-so-tough gays, the flames finished and drinks were well and truly served, and almost instantaneously devoured. So, as you can imagine, there was another one, and then another, and of course, another after that. If there’s one thing that we can say with absolute certainty, it’s that this all-in rum packs a punch and goes down far too smoothly.

At this point, one of our writers is borderline cut-off from the bar, with the other on a mission to explore the rest of this OTT party. Liquid-courage fuelled Gay’s Guide Editor, Nick, managed to then find a pop-up tattoo parlour within the party…we’re guessing you can figure out where this is going to go.

After weighing up the pros and cons for roughly 35 seconds, the tattoo gun was fired up, and Nick was inked for life…#ThugLyf. Well, not quite – it was 30 minutes of heavy breathing, ferocious squirming and 1000 happy thoughts before the tatt had officially been ‘ttooed – go Nick!

The night continued well into the early morning, with approximately 200 more Savage Apples devoured and a decent d-floor boogie to finish it all off.

If you’re looking for a wild night and a delicious drink to match, you’re wanting Sailor Jerry Savage Apple. God bless founding father Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins and his unapologetic, savage attitude.

UPDATE: Nick’s tattoo is healing well and his office street cred is up 200%.


Sailor Jerry_E2The What: Sailor Jerry Savage Apple
The Verdict: We love. Packs a punch and goes down super smooth. True to the traditional notes of vanilla and cinnamon in Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Savage Apple adds a bold, in-your-face flavour of fresh, lively apple – a flavour so good on its own it goes down well as a shot and, there’s no need for a chaser.
The Cost: $52 RRP
The Where/When: Available in bars around Australia from 3rd of March and in all good bottle shops from June 2020.

NOTE: Always drink responsibly. Never drink & drive. It’s not safe to drink while pregnant.

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