Before we get started talking about the most anticipated queer TV show of 2021, I want to let you know two things: (1) It’s A Sin is one of the most devastating TV shows you will ever watch and (2) you will laugh and you will cry.

Now that that’s over and done with, enjoy! We’ll be back with more reviews next month…

No, I’m only kidding. I wish it were that easy.

For those of you who have been living under a rock Patrick Star style, It’s A Sin is a five-part series written and created by the very talented Russell T Davies and starring the one and only Olly Alexander (aka the lead singer of the synth-pop trio Years & Years). It follows a group of 20-something- year-olds living in London during the peak of the AIDS crisis, so you already know that it’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

And even though it’s only a short series, It’s A Sin crams a LOT into its five episodes. Episode One begins in 1981, and each subsequent episode jumps forward two years, until finally we reach 1991 in the closing episode. A whole decade. I told ya it was a lot.

For me personally – and I know for a lot of other queer people – It’s A Sin was unputdownable. Olly Alexander’s performance was a stellar one, as were the performances by his co-stars. Honestly, by the end, it was at the point where (like an obnoxious mum refusing to spill the tea about her favourite child) I really couldn’t tell you which character I loved the most. And don’t get me started on the soundtrack… Hey Mickey, Karma Chameleon, Kids In America, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Heaven Is A Place On Earth… *chef’s kiss*.

On a more serious note, for someone like myself who has grown up in the era of PrEP and rapid HIV testing, It’s A Sin provided me with the smallest window into the lives of young gay men living their lives to the fullest during an incredibly difficult time, and for that I say thank you.

So if you’re reading this, umm’ing and ah’ing about whether or not you should watch it, do yourself a favour and just watch the damn show. Sure, some parts were incredibly devastating and heartbreaking, but Russel T Davies managed to inject just as much beauty, inspiration, joy and hope into other parts, too. I promise you, it’s not all bad.

All in all, It’s A Sin is a cocktail of emotions so before you sit down and binge the whole thing, you might want to consider mixing up your favourite cocktail to wash it down.

Only joking…kinda.

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