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New Nation-Wide LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business Certification & Online Inclusive Business Directory Launches

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What Were The Stonewall Riots?

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Let’s go lesbians… let’s GO lesbians!  If only Billy Eichner knew there were only about seventeen of us in this country? Or that’s what it can feel like. Generally, upon entering gay clubs or events, one simply cannot count the volume of clean-shaven, glowstick-donning, tall lads that are probably called Lachlan or Josh. My best …

Religious Discrimination Bill

In recent months, the highly contentious Religious Discrimination Bill was thrust back into the limelight. As we know, the momentum it picked up in January was due to the leaking of a discriminatory enrolment contract distributed by Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College. How did the Religious Discrimination Bill come to be? Remember when the Australian government …

Conversion Therapy

It seems like every week we’re hearing news that another country has outlawed conversion therapy. Or that another country has taken a stance against the banning of conversion therapy. And, of course the banning of conversion therapy is something we should be celebrating at any chance, but there are a lot of people who don’t …


On the 28th of January this year, a Pentecostal Christian College in Brisbane’s south-east distributed an enrolment contract that can only be described as repugnant. It can be described as many other things, but for the sake of being bigger people, we shall bite our tongue. Oh, and before you read any further, A Modern …