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People Skiing through snow with pride flags

Picture this: it’s 2021, we’ve been kicking COVID’s ass, and the iconic miss Jacinda Ardern has just announced that the Trans-Tasman travel bubble is a go. But now you’re in …

Dappertude - Men's Style Event Sydney

Listen up boys, this one’s for the stylish MR’s out there…or possibly even more so for those that are lacking entirely in the style department. Dappertude is an annual event …

Things to do in Brisbane - Gay Bars and Clubs

Yahhhsss Brisbane! Okay. Real talk. Brisbane is the…but if you’ve only got 24 hours in Brissy, you definitely need to spend it right! Hence your pals at a Modern …

Fun Date Ideas Sydney - A Modern Gay's Guide

Well, well, well – look at you go hot stuff! You’ve managed to get double tapped, super liked, successfully slid into their DM’s or maybe just gathered the confidence to …