During the short three weeks that Drag Race Down Under’s third season had been on the TV, queens have faced fainting spells and drag performances that truly drag on. Amongst the chaos, Ivanna Drink has emerged as a refreshing touch of authenticity and a unique burst of personality. 

A Modern Gay’s Guide delves into Ivanna’s journey on Drag Race, where she expertly blends candid reflections, moments of remorse, and victorious achievements into a delightful concoction of wisdom and wit.

As the ice clinks in her glass, Ivanna toasts her elimination with refreshing honesty. “I was very disappointed,” she admits. Her words a concoction of sincerity and reflection. “You know, people always ask me ‘what does it feel like to see yourself on TV?’ And it’s so interesting because you go through all this trauma – like the emotional struggles you deal with on the show, obviously being eliminated and that sort of stuff. So, you learn, and you start to move on with your life, and then three months later, you get to relive it and go back to that place. But honestly, I feel fine,” she chuckles. 

In the heat of a maxi challenge, Ivanna’s energy seemed shaken, not stirred. Reflecting on her performance, she stirs the conversation, “improv is always such a difficult thing If you haven’t got a plan” she muses. 

“In our group we had four big personalities all vying for a spot. There were no opportunities to jump in, in a way that would seem natural. Otherwise, you kind of run the risk of talking over each other. But looking back on it, I probably should have just done it a bit more.”

Could her cocktail of improv in The Real Housewives of Down Under maxi challenge be improved? 

“I probably would have done Gabriella’s character,” she jests. “I’m a very strong believer in living life with no regrets and taking everything in your stride. So, when bad things happen, you know, it’s a way to build character and learn from things.”

She takes a sip of reflection. “I learnt a lot in this episode,” she says. “I learned that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to feel uninspired. It’s okay to not feel like you’re giving it your all. But there’s also an opportunity of growth to be able to acknowledge that, and find ways to move through it. I think I’ve come out on the other side, a better person, and a better drag queen for that. I’m grateful for how things panned out.”

She admits, however, that, “this was probably the first week or challenge I didn’t go back to the hotel going like ‘oh I’m probably gonna be in the bottom tomorrow.’ I was like ‘I’ll be fine, it should be good’, and then BOOM.”

Amidst the glimmering lights of Drag Race, each queen clings to personal highlights. Ivanna savours, with joy in her voice, “just being able to have the experience,” before adding, “I think it’s also really ridiculous to think that there’s only a handful of people who’ve seen RuPaul in drag in real life, and I’m one of those people. That’s quite a feat on its own. But yeah, building the connections with the other girls on the season. We’ve got friends for life.”

She continues, “this is just such a great opportunity, career wise, to open all these doors that wouldn’t have otherwise been opened. So, you know, I’ll always be grateful and always be very grateful that I didn’t go home first…or second, because that’s the worst one.”

On a contemplative note, she acknowledges the disappointment of elimination. “The most disappointing part was going home when I did,” she says. “I really (wanted) that one extra week to really be like, ‘hey, can I actually pull through this or am I just blocked for the remainder of the season.’ That would have been a really great opportunity to have, but like I said earlier, the cards weren’t in my favour on that particular thing.”

Addressing missed opportunities in Drag Race challenges, Ivanna enthusiastically shares, “oh my God, the ones that are coming up (like) the snatch game, the family resemblance challenge, and the talent show, those are all the ones I was really looking forward to.”

“…They got all this shit ones out of the way with me,” she laughs. 

To wrap on a poignant note, she acknowledges her 8th-place standing, a title previously held within her household by her partner, Anita Wigl’it.

In the world of Ivanna Drink, every drop is a mixture of laughter, growth, and unapologetic spirit. As we savour the last traces of her Drag Race journey, we’re left with the knowledge that her future cocktails will undoubtedly be shaken and stirred to perfection.


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