What is Pride Month?

What is Pride Month?

Well, well, well, let’s be honest, the first five months of 2020 have been absolute chaos…but it’s officially June, and you know what that means – PRIDE. With that, restrictions are also being eased, so we can finally go out to brunch with our best buddies!


Pride Month is predominantly celebrated in the good ol’ U.S of A, which has its roots planted way back in 1969 when the Stonewall Riots took place (side note: stay tuned for another story on that later this month).

At its core, Pride Month is about celebrating diversity, but it is also a way for our rainbow community to protest about the discrimination and violence we face on the daily.

Over time, the way we have celebrated Pride Month has changed drastically. In ’69 we were quite literally fighting for our lives, but now – fifty years later – we’ve fought so hard, for so long that we are able to celebrate every year how far we’ve come (i.e. gay marriage being legalised, visibility in mainstream media, and all-round acceptance in society) with hundreds of events in almost every major city around the globe.

But, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies for us just yet (and yes, I can hear the deafening irony in that statement).

There’s one letter of the acronym who are still very socially, financially and politically oppressed, and that is our (T)ransgender brothers, sisters and friends beyond the binary.

So, even though this year is a weird one (what, with Miss Rona wiping out any chance of us having a ‘normal’ Pride Month and all), it is still incredibly important to fight for those in our community who still find themselves facing severe discrimination and violence.

But how can I do this when all of our events have been cancelled?

As per uzh (or is it yuzh? yujh? yoozh? I give up…) there are plenty of ways to support our community, whether that be signing petitions, educating your friends and family on LGBTQ+ issues, donating your time and/or money to worthy causes, or buying products from LGBTQ+ creators.

So, what are you waiting for? This month is a great excuse to dress up in rainbow, use excessive amounts of (environmentally friendly) glitter, and fight for what’s right!


What: Pride Month

When: The Month of June

Where: Anywhere you damn well please

More Information: for more info, we suggest trawling through Facebooks to find an event in your area!

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