Presented by the OG vodka baddies themselves, Smirnoff are this month featuring Meanjin-based singer/songwriter, Elizabeth, as our LGBTQIA+ identifying, culture creating, emerging artist of the month!

Yep, the famed vodka favourite, and subsequent masterminds behind the new ‘Smirnoff Soda’ range (that’s available in three fruity flavours, made with real fruit juice!), and ‘Smirnoff Hard Soda’ (these ones are low in sugar, lower in calories, 6% ABV and pack full on flavour) have decided to use this ad space to instead promote an emerging LGBTQIA+ local musician.

It’s a big vodka soda slay, celebrating those LGBTQIA+ icons who desire to create the backing track to your most iconic memories.

So next time you’re en route to a big gay gig, having the gals and the gays round for a drink, or meeting a ferociously fabulous someone at the bar, feel free to grab yourself an equally fabulous Smirnoff Soda.


Queer singer-songwriter, and sincerely soulful, Elizabeth, has recently released her song ‘Love Is The Easiest Salvation’, making for an experience that effortlessly combines her melodic and cinematic pop lyrics, that touch on the reckless thrills of romance and the big feelings that come alongside it.

Now residing in Brisbane/Meanjin, Elizabeth talks about new music, and how it felt to return to her hometown of Melbourne/Naarm to showcase and record her first live EP:

“Performing live has felt even more incredible over the past year or so, now being fully able to do it again after a period of not being able to for so long [Covid], which lasted so long, and had after-affects, which lasted so incredibly long. This show was really the first headline show that I had been able to do in Melbourne/Naarm since my album ‘The Wonderful World of Nature’ came out, and I often think ‘wow, that was a really special night… I was just so happy to get the opportunity to record that music and put it out into the world.’”

Divulging further on what the EP was all about, Elizabeth declares, “it’s a live recording of a few of my fan-favourites released last year, and some new, hopefully soon to be fan-favourites, too.”

Included on the EP was her crowd favourite bop ‘Beautiful Baby’ which was released back in 2019. 

To that, Elizabeth says, “it’s been out for a little while, but it’s something that always feels like the peak of connection when I’m playing live. People really seem to connect with it, so it’s become my favourite song and really was a ‘must’ to include and honestly, it really felt special to let it live in this EP.” 

Though a relative newcomer to the scene, Elizabeth states that music has been a big part of her life since the very beginning:

“My dad was a musician; he played guitar and played in a stack of cover bands. 

“I grew up learning about song writing with him, and having little jams at the piano learning to sing harmony to Eagles songs.”

Inspired by a wide range of music from a young age, Elizabeth was specifically inspired by the likes of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, as well as other classic song writings of Steely Dan, however explains:

“I don’t really have any one person that I aspire to be. I love artists who have wide-reaching periods, where they do lots of different things throughout their albums and are unafraid to play with different styles, genres and time periods.”

Elaborating on projects on the horizon, Elizabeth says, “I wish I could tell you everything now, but I really can’t! I have been writing a lot, recently over in America collaborating with some amazing artists and producers. So truly, watch this space!” 

To support Elizabeth on her musical journey, follow her on Instagram @elizabethmusic___, and stream her latest track ‘ Love Is The Easiest Salvation’, on all of your fave streaming platform.



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This article was written in (paid) partnership with Smirnoff, an LGBTQIA+ inclusive brand that supports LGBTQIA+ media year-round, and supports the free distribution of Modern Gay’s Guide magazine’s right across Australia.


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