Welcome back to the fabulous, the challenging, and the extraordinary in LGBTQIA+ news from around the world. At A Modern Gay’s Guide, we know that being a Modern Gay doesn’t come with an encyclopedia of knowledge… or maybe any at all. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this article, giving you a rundown of the best and not-so-great happenings of the last two months.

We’ve taken it a step further and sorted them into ‘Good Gay News’ and ‘Not-So-Good Gay News,’ because nobody wants to read bad news if they’re already having a bad day.


Beginning up north, Iceland’s parliament thrilled us with an exhilarating surge of legislative enthusiasm, wholeheartedly embracing a law that puts the kibosh on conversion therapy. With an overwhelming majority of 53 representatives voting ‘yes,’ and only three abstaining, this bill emerged victorious in the popularity contest, painting the scene with vibrant rainbow hues! Iceland now stands alongside other progressive nations like Canada, Brazil, and France, taking a firm stand against harmful conversion practices.

The world tour of “Les Misérables the Arena Spectacular” is officially scheduled for 2024, promising a spectacle so spectacular that even Jean Valjean would be impressed!

In a cheeky revelation from researchers at Imperial College London, male monkeys have turned out to be “behaviourally bisexual,” swinging not just from trees but also in their relationships! To top it off, their same-sex shenanigans make them better friends, forming unbreakable alliances in monkey conflicts. Talk about monkey business at its finest!

In a groundbreaking win for LGBTQIA+ rights, Nepal has become the trailblazer in traditionally conservative South Asia by officially recognizing same-sex marriages. Love wins, and Nepal is leading the charge!

Rikkie Valerie Kollé made history by winning the Miss Netherlands 2023 pageant, becoming the first transgender woman to take home the title.

In a twist of fate, a Trump-appointed federal judge ruled Tennessee’s first-in-the-nation law banning drag in public spaces as unconstitutional. Qantas also broke gender norms by allowing all cabin crew members to wear makeup and grow their hair long. Barbie was released to critical acclaim. Meanwhile, DRDU season 2’s fabulous Kween Kong achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first-ever drag queen nominated for a Logie award. You’re a true winner, baby!


Kenya is reportedly considering a harmful anti-homosexuality law aimed at forcibly expelling LGBT individuals from the country, following similar efforts in other African nations. This proposed legislation includes severe punishments, making it a grave concern for LGBTQIA+ rights activists.

In the UK, Phillip Schofield’s explosive interviews revealed details about his affair with a younger male coworker, leading to his downfall. This scandal sparked discussions about power dynamics at work.

Russia’s legislative body approved a proposed law to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender individuals across the country. If passed, this law would be a significant setback for transgender rights.

In some bittersweet news, Madonna battled a serious bacterial infection that landed her in the ICU, but thankfully, the queen of pop is now on her way to recovery.

Till next month, stay gay, stay weird, and let’s continue fighting for progress and equality. Remember, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.


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