9 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Gay’s Guide Approved

Hipster son with his senior father at home.
Hipster son with his senior father at home. Two generations indoors, having fun.
Okay, so if you’re reading this, chances are you’re like practically everyone else in the world and have forgotten about Father’s Day (sorry Dad!). We get it, we did too, but don’t stress because we’ve got ya’ back. We’re covering off nine of our absolute fave last minute Father’s Day gift ideas, ready to score you those winning brownie points with Dad come September 2nd!

Let’s see what we’ve got…

Kick it old school with a super fly retro briefcase record player!

These bad boys are the real deal. Forget socks or a lame af stripy tie – get Dad a super fresh retro briefcase record player. Everything sounds better on vinyl…including all of Dad’s Springsteen faves! Bound in leatherette, this briefcase-style retro turntable plays 3 speeds of your fave vinyl tracks, with built-in twin speakers. If you’re looking for a little extra audio juice for your fave retro bangers, you can even hook it up to your speaker system with an inbuilt 3.5mm audio in – can we get a heck yeah!

The damage: You’re looking at $159…or if you’re keeping it thrifty between paychecks, you can even throw this bad boy on Afterpay!
Where to get it: Jump online and grab it here!

Basic brews are out, but the world’s oldest beer is definitely in!

If Dad’s a fan of a decent ale, boy do we have a gift idea for you. For the first and only time, James Squire is giving beer lovers the chance to own one of 2,500 collector’s edition bottles of The Wreck Preservation Ale. The Wreck has been crafted with yeast from a 220-year old bottle of beer recovered from the depths of the icy waters of Tasmania on Australia’s oldest merchant wreck, ‘Sydney Cove’. Until now, it has only been available on tap at selected James Squire venues around the country, but now Dad can have a bottle of his own.

The damage: Sitting at just 50 big ones, these 2,500 bottles aren’t going to last long!
Where to get it: Available at select Dan Murphy’s stores across Australia.

Quit throwing shade and gift it!

Everyone. Loves. Sunnies. It’s not rocket science, we all love ’em, but chances are Dad’s rocking a pair of 2004 speed dealer sunnies and it’s downright tragic. Freshen Dad up this Father’s Day with some sweet new sunnies that you and your ‘queer eye for the straight dad’ know will lift his street cred and earn you some serious extra brownie points in the process.

The damage: Although the RRP for the bad girls pictured is $276, you can find ’em for $207 online at Vision Direct – cha-ching!
Where to get it: We picked up ours this Father’s Day from Vision Direct – with free shipping, a 24-month warranty and 100-day returns, it’s a no brainer.


If your Dad’s anything like ours, boy does he like to drink! Forget the classic 6-pack of stubbies and treat dad to a little liquid luxe this Father’s Day, with Johnnie Walker’s Black Label Sherry Whisky. The limited edition whisky is matured in former Sherry casks giving it a a richer fruitiness. The whisky also uses malts including Blair Athol, Cardhu and Strathmill resulting in a taste of complex fresh fruit with orchard character, sweet vanilla and gentle smoke…which in layman’s terms means it’s pretty bloody delish.

The damage: Liquid luxe doesn’t come cheap, but in this case you’ll only be looking at around $60.
Where to get it: Available from all major liquor stores nationally. We grabbed ours from Dan Murphy’s here!

Gift Dad a little self TLC

If you’re going to stick with the old ‘n’ trusty shower pack, do it right and grab Dad a kit from our pals at CHARLES + LEE, a Melbourne made men’s skincare brand that’s understated, effective and affordable. The reason we’re so in love with these guys is the witty, tongue-in-cheek packaging that Dad’ll love. We first read the lip balm and we were 100% sold, “This Lip Balm does not contain the oils of a rare forbidden fruit, nor will it get rid of your potty mouth, however it is a damn good lip balm”!

The damage: Super affordable little packs, ranging from $25-40.
Where to get it: For a full list of stockists see here, though we just popped on into Myer! If online’s more your thang, then we’d say here!

A mug with Dad’s mug on it!

Yep, you read that right. A mug with Dad’s face on it – super affordable, super easy and so lame it’s actually super funny. Maybe a mug isn’t your Dad’s thing, and that’s fine, because your pals at Vistaprint can put Dad’s face on so much more than just a mug. So what are ya’ waiting for, snap a pic of Dad, upload it and let’s get printing guys!

The damage: Can you really put a price on art…well Vistaprint can, and will only set you back around $12 – amazing!
Where to get it: Jump online and grab yours from here!

Thank you vino much ya’ big mofo x

We’ve done ale, we’ve done whiskey, so here’s one for the wine warriors of the Dad world. Introducing Vinomofo…so much more than just an online wine store, Vinomofo is a movement. A tribe of vino-loving mofos – the drinkers and the makers – united by wine.  A wine adventure delivered to your doorstep, is an adventure that the team here can well and truly get behind! They’re fun, straight talking and a big fan of ours!

The damage: Vinomofo is a subscription service, with the most common option being $179 per month, and includes a mixed case of 12 glorious wines.
Where to get it: Buy online from your friendly neighbourhood mofo’s here!


You da man…kit!

There’s really nothing more classic ‘Father’s Day’, than grabbing the old fella a shiny new shaver. So if you’re thinking of keeping it tradish, and grabbing Dad a super fresh new shaver, then look no further than VS for Men’s, ‘The Man Kit’. What’s in the kit you ask? A rechargeable rotary shaver – yep. A beard & stubble trimmer – boom, in the kit. A detail trimmer – you betcha’, it’s in there boy! It even comes with a deluxe little travel storage bag to keep it all together for fly Dad’s, when they’re on the fly.

The damage: Style definitely comes at a price, but in this case you’ll only be dropping around $60 bucks – #Thrifty!
Where to get it: For a full list of stockists see here, though we grabbed ours online from Myer, here.

Father's Day Gifts

He shoots, he scores!

Okay real talk, we like this way more than we should. In reality, it’s a bottle opener that catches the lid…but that sure as heck didn’t stop us from buying three. We’re not why we couldn’t pass this up, but just know that after you use it once, you’ll never want to open a bevy any other way. You know it’s the perfect addition for any man cave.

The damage: You’ll pick up this slam dunkin’ Father’s Day gift idea for $49.99 with free shipping within Aus, or for the thrifty kids out there, you can even throw it on Zip pay.
Where to get it: Head over to HardToFind.com and 3-pointer that bad boy straight onto your card!

Well there you have it folks, nine of our top picks for Father’s Day 2018. Just remember, whatever you pick probably won’t be good enough anyway so try not to stress! Happy last minute stress shopping pals x

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