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New Nation-Wide LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business Certification & Online Inclusive Business Directory Launches

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What Were The Stonewall Riots?

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I Kissed a Girl by Julia Kittelty

At twenty-two, I had never kissed anyone outside of a nightclub. It played on my mind. A lot. Maybe it was just never meant to happen for me. I would be one of those people that never had a partner, was single at 35. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, all my …


**DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE IS A LITTLE MORE ON THE FRISKY SIDE – SO IF YOU’RE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, THIS ONE IS NOT FOR YOU XX** If you’ve logged onto Grindr (or Tinder, or Scruff, or any of the multitude of other hook-up apps available) at any point in your life, you’ll be familiar …


My GP is heaving.  My therapist is trying not to roll her eyes.  My dog is shitting on my carpet (again). One of these things is not like the other. Similarly, this mantra can be applied to the terms boyfriend, girlfriend and friend. Two of these terms are allowed to exist within this world with …

Euphoria Social

All around the world, it has been proven (time and time and time again) that the mental health of queer people is disproportionately poorer than the mental health of our cis-het peers. Across the board, the LGBTIQ+ community are significantly more likely to have to suffer from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and other poor mental …