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New Nation-Wide LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Business Certification & Online Inclusive Business Directory Launches

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What Were The Stonewall Riots?

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Natali Caro

Introducing themselves to the world during this year’s annual Sydney Comedy Festival, Natali Caro and Papi Chulo are Seeking Representation in more ways than one. The Colombian/Chilean and multi-faceted 27-year-old comedian, actor, DJ, drag king, impressionist, singer, dancer, and writer digs into a deep bag of tricks to unveil an extravaganza event that promises to …

Joel Creasey

“I’m like the Cameron Diaz of comedy: I’m never going to win an award, but I’m a fun time gal.” That is what Joel Creasey (he/him) has to say about his newest comedy show, ‘Basic AF’, which he’s touring at both the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival this year. “My Melbourne …

Chris Parker 1

Chris Parker – Kiwi, comic, extrovert, and big-time show off – has landed in Australia and is currently touring his brand-new show, ‘Gentle Man’, at both the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the Sydney Comedy Festival. A performer at heart, Chris (he/him) has always been drawn to the limelight, “being a performer was always what …

Gay Dates

A first date is a lot like ice cream on a hot summer’s day, because when it’s good, you get the feeling of relief, that tingling feeling that makes you savour the moment, and when it’s all done, you’re already waiting in line for seconds. Though, when the flavour you got isn’t what you expected, …