Koala Couch Review - A Modern Gay's Guide

BY NICK ALDRICH very now and then we take a second to highlight a brand that is absolutely doing thangs for us. If you’ve read the headline, you’ve probably already guessed who’s in the Gay’s Guide hot-seat this time…yep, it’s Aussie furniture brand, Koala.

Gay LA Experiences

Let’s face it, winter in Australia isn’t exactly amazing – it’s cold, it’s slow and it seems to last a lifetime. So with LA Pride Festival just days away, and a very hot, very gay LA summer set to heat up at the end of June, it’s time to make like Miley Cyrus circa 2009, …


Yep, you read that right –  legendary LGBTI+ nightclub Midnight Shift is back, but she’s had a face lift, name change and walks to an (almost) entirely new beat.


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