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Ladies and gentlemen, Tanias and Brices, it’s time to finish your orgasms and get yourself to the theatre, because Muriel’s back and tragic as ever!

A Modern Gays Guide Review Muriel's WeddingIn case you’re alike the couple of culturally inept members of our team and have never in fact seen the Australian pop-culture classic that is Muriel’s Wedding, the film centres around the life of Muriel Heslop, the unfortunate town loser of Porpoise Spit. Muriel’s desperation to both fit in and fall in love, sees her stealing from Target, exploiting her mother’s insecurities in a successful attempt to steal the family credit card, running off to Sydney to define life on her own terms, and almost everything in-between.

The musical will have you laughing, crying and screaming, all the while rooting for Muriel every step of the way. Muriel is a big mood, and we’re honestly in love.

We sat down with the man, the myth, the abs, Stephen Madsen, to ask why he thinks people should go and see the musical that unites a nation;

“Muriel’s Wedding is quintessentially Australian and truly is a must see. It’s not too often in Australia we see a high budget, locally produced musical, derived from an authentically Australian film. It’ll make you laugh, cry and feel everything in-between, so catch it while it’s here, or you really will regret!”


A Modern Gay's Guide Reviews Muriel's Wedding the Musical


Muriel might be terrible, but the Musical is anything but! After committing the absolute sacrilegious act of never previously seeing the film, we sent in Modern Gay’s Guide Editor, Nick Aldrich to give us the full gay 4-1-1, and he gave the musical an 11/10.

“Muriel’s Wedding is Australian humour through and through, and so much better than so many of the musicals we import from overseas. It really is better than an ABBA song, and if you knew how much I love ABBA, then you’d know that truly is the highest of praises. If you see the musical and disagree, well you can ‘stick your drink up your arse Tania, because we’re with Muriel’. Muriel’s wedding is one you’ll regret if you miss, so book your tickets now! We absolutely love.”



Location: Sydney Lyric Theatre
Ticket Cost: $80-150
Dates: Until September 8th
Box office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Box office Contact: 02 9509 3600
Event Website: http://murielsweddingthemusical.com/

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