It’s episode seven of Drag Race Down Under (…AKA the semi-final, AKA this time next week, we’ll have our new reigning queen and I’ll have to find something else to bitch about on the internet) and this season has truly passed within a blink of an eye.

I guess that just goes to show that time does indeed fly when you’re having FUN (and can root for queens that fans want to watch! Who would’ve thought?)

Speaking of fun, this episode saw the four remaining queens compete in a family resemblance challenge where they were joined by a local New Zealand family that Ru probably found roaming the streets while he was out searching for Coco Jumbo and Art Simone’s long lost DRDU Season One lip-sync footage…Or in my Jantasy, while he was out hunting people for sport (or whatever millionaires do in their spare time).

As the episode began, Molly Poppinz (@mollypoppinzz) was given the opportunity to select her makeover partner first, opting to go with Keelan, the flamer of his family. Poppinz elaborates on her tactics, saying, “I was like, ‘that’s a gay. He’s probably walked in heels before. This might be a walk in the park for him. Maybe he’s been in drag before, maybe he knows?’”

At first glance, it appeared that Poppinz had a foot up on the competition. But as the episode progressed, things soon began to buckle (literally), as audiences watched both the queens and their new drag babies walk in a pair of high heels. While the other teams sissied their walks around the werkroom, Molly’s partner sissied that floor…by crashing into it.

However, Keelan’s fall would soon become the least of their problems.

Molly Poppinz & Keelan
Moments Before Disaster Struck

Poppinz talks about when it all began to go wrong, divulging, “our downfall was that he [Keelan] had a hard time shaving his face.” She explains Keelan had never learnt how to do a clean shave, which resulted in in a shave job that left him looking a little Scary Carrie.

“He cut all his face up, and it would not stop bleeding, so I had no time do the makeup,” she says, explaining that it got to the point, “that I had to stick toilet paper on his face, glue over it and then put the makeup over that and then stick rhinestones on top of that. “

Once the queens and their drag babies headed down the runway in their best Opposites Attract attire, it was clear that Kween had won the maxi, and Spankie had made it through to the finale, leaving the self-described ‘Hobbit Twins’, Molly Poppinz and Hannah Conda to lip-sync for the penultimate spot in the finale.

As she heard the critiques, Poppinz knew it was, “about to be the clown and the priest showdown smackdown.”

In the moment, Poppinz weighed up their stats, saying, “Hannah had been smashing it the entire competition [whereas] I started off strong and then I kind of coasted to towards the end. So, I knew it was gonna be such a fight on my end to stay. I knew she was tough competition to go up against.”

After lip-synching to ‘Heartbreak in The City’ By Michelle Visage, Ru ultimately decided to send Molly back home in her Newcastle Party Bus.

Molly Poppinz LSFYL

Though she leaves one episode shy of the finale, she remembers feeling, “sad to leave, but also sort of happy for the other girls because they all killed it. They all deserved it.”

Since Poppinz was cut right before the finale, A Modern Gay’s Guide took the opportunity to ask her what she would have said to Ru’s famous question: What Would You Say to Your 10-Year-Old Self?

She divulges that though she didn’t have anything planned, “If I was to say to anything to 10 year old Ricky…

“I would say, yes, you’re a weirdo, you’re a kooky weird shy kid, but just embrace it. Stop doubting yourself because you’re amazing and you’re going to grow up to be amazing. Don’t let people shame you for how feminine you are. Go and follow your dreams. If you want to be a clown like you say you want, then be a clown. Hang in there. Life is going to throw some obstacles in your way, but it’s going to really shape the person that you become.”

As she leaves the competition, Poppinz will be remembered for her magic mullet, loveable personality, and that hilarious story of her fart getting stuck in her foreskin.

Only three queens remain. Who will win the crown?

Molly Poppinz

Molly Poppinz’s Hot Takes

MGG: Hottest cast member in drag?

MP: I would say Kween Kong

MGG: Hottest cast member out of drag?

MP: Yuri Guaii

MGG: Hottest look of the episode?

MP: Kween Kong

MGG: Hottest look of yours this season?

MP: My Red For Filth. It was called trashy and whorish by Michelle, so I think that makes it the winner.

MGG: Hottest mess of the season?

MP: Minnie Cooper and Beverly Kills

MGG: Hotest head of the season?

MP: Minnie Cooper and Beverly Kills

MGG: Cast member who thought they were hot sh*t?

MP: Honestly, me


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